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The Advantages of the Amoena Mastectomy Wear

The use of Amoena Mastectomy Wear is one way for women to cope with the physical effects of mastectomy. This type of cosmetic surgery was created to reconstruct a breast after a mastectomy. Women who have had this type of surgery can be relieved from the emotional and psychological effects of their new, smaller appearance. The use of an absorbent bandage in the abdominal area provides the much-needed security against infection, learn more here. .

The doctor will place the absorbent bandage on top of the abdomen and across the chest. The patient will then be required to use special pantyhose to ensure that the top layer of skin is well covered. This method of wearing an Amoena Mastectomy Wear is one of the fastest and most accurate methods of healing skin after a procedure like this. It is important for patients to know that these special pantyhose are made with special materials that will help keep the skin cool during the cold months. Additionally, they come in a wide variety of colors so that it is easy to find a style that will flatter the newly repositioned breast.

Another advantage of using the absorbent bandage is that it allows the doctor to determine the proper size of pantyhose to use. This will allow the doctor to avoid having to use too large or too small a size. A doctor's perception of the appropriate size will be able to provide the most accurate results. Women who are concerned about the appearance of their newly reduced breasts should consult with their plastic surgeon. The amoena bra has double hooks and three-way adjustments to maintain support and ensure a good fit.

Women should expect to use the bandage as long as possible after their mastectomy procedure. The goal is to use the bandage to maintain the moisture in the skin. This will help to prevent infection and will also help to return the tissues to their pre-operation sizes. Wearing the Amoena Mastectomy Wear will also increase the patient's comfort by reducing their exposure to direct sunlight. The exposure to the sun can result in chapping and discoloration of the skin.

Another advantage of using the bandage is that the patient will not have to remove it during the procedure. Typically the doctor will leave the incision open for a short time in order to allow the incisions to heal before removing the bandage. However, patients should be prepared to remove it at some point in order to dress themselves.

The Amoena Mastsectomy Wears is an extremely versatile product. Women who undergo a mastectomy can expect to wear the Mastsectomy Wear almost immediately following their procedure. Women who elect to use the Amoena Mastectomy Wear should expect to do so for several days. During this time the incisions will be covered and the skin will start to re-grow. In addition to keeping the incisions open, the Mastsectomy Wear will also allow doctors to better view the damage done during the mastectomy. While this may not seem important to most, seeing the incisions will allow the doctor to better perform any treatments that are needed.

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