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Post-Mastectomy Wear Options

Wearing proper post-mastectomy wear is important to patients who have had breast cancer treatment. Women who have had mastectomy are not recommended to wear their original bras for several months. Instead, the women must now wear supportive bras made from elastic material. These bras should provide comfort as well as being supportive of the breast tissue.

Aside from wearing supportive bras, there are also other post-mastectomy wear tips that should be observed by women. They include not changing the underwires or s-curves worn in the hip area or underbelly. These pieces should be made of elastic material to conform to the body after the removal of the breast implants. Patients must also consider having bras made of stretchable materials like cotton that can be easily and comfortably worn over a period of time. For these reasons, many women do recommend the use of breast lift plastic surgery techniques that are commonly used to lift and reshape s-curves.

Women also must avoid the use of post-mastectomy bras that contain silicone. In addition, they are not recommended to wear underwire bras as these may interfere with the flow of blood to the breast forms. The flow of blood is an important factor in the proper growth of the tissues in the chest area. Any obstruction in this area can prevent the formation of new breast cells. In addition to using comfortable post mastectomy bras, women must also avoid using body shapers.

It is recommended for post-surgical bras to be worn at least for three weeks after the mastectomy procedure. During this period, patients are not to wear any other undergarments. These garments must only be used during bedtime. In addition to using standard sports bras, it is also important for patients to avoid the use of tight-fitting articles of clothing like post-surgical bras, because they can impede the blood flow to the new breasts. Patients are also advised to remove all cosmetics when showering. Click this link to find quality post-mastectomy wear and bras.

The standard sports bra that was used prior to the mastectomy can still be worn for up to six months. During this six month period, it is important for patients to wear one-piece bathing suits and liners. During the recovery period, patients should strictly limit the activities that they are able to perform. During this period, it is also recommended that patients continue with the use of standard undergarments.

If there are no complications or there are only minor ones, patients may choose to wear a post-surgical bra made of spandex. Spandex has the same elasticity as natural skin and therefore will not restrict the motion of the breasts. However, since this type of bra has no elasticity, it will not provide the necessary support. For this reason, most patients choose to wear a man-made post-mastectomy bra made from silicon-spandex.

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